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 Registration Process

First Step

Read the Registration Conditions:

Registration Conditions

  • Please, bear in mind that the registration is not considered complete and confirmed until you pay the respective amount. Only after the receipt of payment, will your registration be complete.

  • The participant is responsible for covering all conditions (for instance visas, health issues, transport, permits and so on) which are necessary for attendance of the event. The team of the organization will bear no responsibility for any loss stemming from conditions that were not duly met.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • Cancellation is always possible. All you need to do is to send a email to asking us to cancel your registration.

  • However, refund of registration after the 31st of January of 2020 is impossible for any reason or motive.

GDPR Privacy Policy

  • All your personal data, collected during the registration, will be exclusively used to identify and contact you for current or future events.


  • It is important to acknowledge, that this event explicitly allows videos and photographs of the participants being taken for social media sharing and tagging. There will be an official event photographer, but there can also be other participants taking pictures or videos. If you don’t like these circumstances and proceedings, we ask you to inform the photographer in question that you value your privacy very much, and don't want your picture to be published online (a simple hand signal saying "no" is enough, or a conversation with him\her after the tanda).

Second Step

​Please fill the registration form in the link below:

(By clicking on this link, you are agreeing to the Registration Conditions)


Third Step

Our response will be sent by email with the registration confirmation and the payment instructions.