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About the Event

Join us in Porto for a different experience of open-minded dancing, with excellent DJs and live music every day from Tango to Portuguese Fado, from Classical to Electronic Music, that will make you dance the entire weekend.

It is with great pleasure that seek with this event to share my love for Argentinian Tango in all its aspects and sounds.

The music was specially chosen to challenge you to embrace new experiences:

  • Each DJ will bring it own personal touch and style, from Love and Flow to Neotango.

  • Each live music performance will make you dance Argentinian Tango with Portuguese aroma and flavor.

Specially Fado,

To me, I feel that Fado has the same emotional feeling for the Portuguese People, as Argentinian Tango has to the Argentinian People. I can't even describe to you in words the pleasure that I have in dancing Tango to the sound of Fado.  This was the only way i found how: "Come dance with me!!!!"

The event is being organized to allow for complete freedom of movements - that's why the registrations are limited to 150 participants, so, don't be afraid to execute High Boleos and Jumps, new rhythms, open embrace, closed embrace, no embrace. Alas, the universe of possibilities is endless....

However, there are only 3 rules I ask you to follow: 

  • Maintain the Ronda and invitation by cabeceo;

  • Don't hurt yourselves or others;

  • Most Important - Have FUN!!!!!

See you in February,